6 Weeks – 15 Months

At Twin Oaks Daycare we know that trusting someone with your little ones is difficult thing to do. Our nurturing infants program is based in love and affection to ensure that every child receives the person care and attention that need at this age. We want to help these little ones develop trust for the world around them. Working closely with each parent’s/guardian’s request, every infant’s schedule for feeding, changing, and sleeping is fulfilled as the child needs. Our preschool likes to be flexible as the child’s needs change with age and will keep and open communication with the parents.

Parents please be mindful of a child that is allowed to sleep in too late may not be ready to nap at the designated time and therefore, may create a disturbance for others. This can be grounds for termination if it is deemed to be on-going. A change in the parent/guardian’s schedule does not change a child’s routine and schedule at preschool.

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Full Time $150/week
Annual Fee $75