My child has attended Twin Oaks Child Development for the past 3 years and is currently in the Pre-K 3 classroom.

Twin Oaks Child Development Center does it right. They provide a curriculum based program with age-appropriate activities using different modalities to keep learning exciting and interesting. Play is both structured and un-structured. Learning centers provide structure in play-themes such as dress-up, cooking, reading, and building/construction. Un-structured play or free play allows for child-directed exploration and the development of creativity. Play is closely monitored and appropriate play is facilitated by the staff. Inappropriate behaviors are minimized with use of re-direction and positive re-enforcements. Behavioral expectations are realistic. Outside play is deemed important.

As a result, my child has flourished in this environment. He is treated with kindness and respect; and knows that he is valued and important. He is nurtured and truly loved. All staff members know him, know his diet restrictions, know what makes him 'tick', what motivates him, what he likes, and what excites him. Strengths are recognized and his weaknesses are addressed. They know my goals and expectations for him, and work with me on achieving and exceeding those goals. He comes home with clean hands/face but filthy clothes, a good sign that he played hard. Dinner time is one of my favorite times, as he tell me excitedly about his day.

Twin Oaks staff is actively engaged in my child's academic and social-emotional development, and they do a great job. If you want a school that whole-heartedly invests in your child, then Twin Oaks is for you.

Cory Brainard, Pediatric Occupational Therapist