Medicine Policy

It is important for the protection and well being of all children attending Twin Oaks that the following guidelines be met. These rules are required by the State Health Department.

Administration of Medicine

  1. Medicine will be given, ONLY, after parents have completed our Medicine Authorization form including all appropriate blanks and signatures for each medicine to be given and at each change of medication. A new form must be completed at the beginning or each week in which medicine is to be given.
  2. Only medicine with a druggist label will be administered at our center. Each container must have a druggist label showing the child's name, date purchased, correct dosage, and doctor's name. Medication prescribed for another child or family member will not be accepted. Over-the-counter medicines will not be accepted without the above druggist label showing the correct information and the proper form completed. No pain or fever reducers will be given at the center.
  3. Twin Oaks will administer medicine once per day unless special arrangements are necessary.
  4. Please take all medicine home at the end of each day.
  5. Medicine may not the brought to the center mixed in with infant's formula bottle.

Sun Safe Practices

  1. Suitable areas of shade are provided to accommodate all the children on the playground.
  2. Our teachers will monitor each child to avoid harmful over exposure from the sun.
  3. The UV index will be monitored each day and outside playtimes adjusted for high levels each day.
  4. If you wish your child to wear sunscreen we will be glad to apply it at the proper time. We ask that you fill out a request form and supply the sunscreen. The form is available from the director.