Illness Policy

Fever most commonly accompanies respiratory illnesses such as croup or pneumonia, ear infections, flu, severe colds, and sore throats. It may also occur with infection of the bowel or urinary tract, and with a wide variety of viral illnesses.

Whenever there is a large group of children together there is a much greater chance of children becoming ill. To lessen these chances we try to maintain a regular regimen of hygiene for the children, the toys, and our center. We hope to lessen the frequency of illness with the following policy.

  1. Any child showing signs of fever of 101 degrees or more may not remain at Twin Oaks. If your child goes home with fever please allow 24 hours before returning your child.
  2. A doctor's release must be obtained upon returning to the center if your child has had a contagious illness.
  3. Exposures to contagious illness should be reported to the center for a safe and healthy environment for all.
  4. After a child has 3 diarrheas in a day the child must go home.