Tuition will be paid weekly in advance and is due on Friday. If tuition is not paid by the following Wednesday a late fee of $10.00 will be charged. When an account is a week late, the child will not be allowed to attend class the following week until the past due tuition and late fees are paid, providing space is available. A schedule of tuition fees is available upon request and posted in our front office.


Upon enrollment of your child, Twin Oaks requires an annual registration fee of $70.00.

Vacation or Absence

Twin Oaks has an unlimited vacation or absence policy. In order to reserve your child's place for an absence of one week or more, you are asked to pay one-half of the weekly tuition for each week of absence. Enrollment will automatically be discontinued if the fee is left unpaid. A full week's tuition is charged for a week if your child attends any portion of that week.

Returned Check

A fee of 20% will be charged for a returned check and Twin Oaks will have the option to refuse any further payment by check.

Late Pick-Up Fee

Parents will be assessed a late fee of $ 20.00, and $1.00 per minute when a child is left after 6:00 pm.